Nabeeda is a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who joined Multiverse in June 2021. Nabeeda explains how she discovered the Customer Success profession and what she enjoys about her role today.

A couple of years ago, I had never heard of Customer Success. In fact, I simply stumbled across it when I was working in recruitment and looking for a new opportunity. It felt like the perfect role for me because I love being able to work with and create relationships with customers, whilst also working with data and creating strategies for long term success.

So what is Customer Success, you ask?

Customer Success is focused on ensuring that the customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your products or services. Success can be measured in different ways and we work closely with customers to identify those metrics so we can showcase our partnership with them.

Our objective at Multiverse is to retain and expand Multiverse’s customer base so that more people than ever have the opportunity to access amazing apprenticeships, at any stage in their career journeys.

No two days are the same. This adds to the excitement, as you have the opportunity to learn something new every day. However, prioritisation, planning and organisation will give you some level of consistency and control. One day you might be delivering Business Review presentations to senior stakeholders and the next day you could be analysing data to identify why the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for a particular employer is lower than the target.

A day in the life of a CSM at Multiverse:

I start my day by looking at my calendar followed by quickly checking my emails. This helps me prioritise, which is a key skill that every CSM will develop. Once I have an idea of what’s in my inbox and what I have already planned for the day, I create a list of tasks I ‘need to complete’, a list of ‘maybes’, and a list of ‘this can be done tomorrow’. Whilst each day is very varied and I prioritise my workload on a daily basis, there will always be some tasks that you do every day. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Customer meetings: As a CSM, you should schedule regular meetings time with your customers. It’s really important to make sure that you are prepared and always have an objective for every meeting.
  • Responding to “urgent” issues: Always qualify an issue to see whether it is actually urgent and important and deal with it accordingly.
  • Liaising with different departments: One of the key things you will do as a CSM is work with different teams such as Sales, Coaches, and Admissions amongst others.
  • Checking our leading indicators (the metrics): It’s good to get into the habit of checking these daily and seeing how every activity you do in the day positively impacts the metrics.
  • Reflection: Spend some time every day reflecting. As a CSM, the day can get away from you so having specific time for reflection gives you an opportunity to see what you have achieved and what still needs attention.
  • Planning ahead: You should always be looking ahead to the next quarter to ensure you are on track with your plans.  
Nabeeda working in the Multiverse London office 

Connecting with customers

Connecting with customers is the biggest part of this role and it’s definitely my favourite! Just like the role, every customer is different which means you have the opportunity to try new ideas and learn new insights with every customer. It’s also important to remember that with every conversation and every meeting, you are working towards Multiverse’s mission of creating a diverse group of future leaders, by building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training.

Continuous development

Since joining Multiverse I have had several opportunities to develop my skills through training sessions led by Senior Leaders in the business and specific one-to-one coaching with my manager. My key focus as someone who is still a newbie to Customer Success is how to showcase value and success to senior stakeholders within my customer base.  As we see further growth of Customer Success within Multiverse, there will always be opportunities to innovate, learn, and collaborate on different ideas and projects. That is what makes it such an exciting time to join the business!

The Customer Success team is hiring

If you’re at the beginning of your Customer Success career, or perhaps you want to apply the transferable skills you’ve developed to this new career, we’re hiring for two Junior Customer Success Associates. Full training provided. Make sure to apply here.