Earlier this year, we celebrated our record-breaking Series B funding with a US launch and a new name: Multiverse. Now we’re building on this momentum with a fresh new look that better reflects our ambitions for the future.

Inspired by our pioneering mission, the new brand represents our commitment to building a new reality for diverse talent – a reality with endless pathways to a successful and fulfilling career. Bold and unapologetically colourful, we stand proudly apart from the traditional education system.

Our new wordmark takes aim at tradition. Made up of multiple characters, it reflects our focus on the whole individual – not just uniform academic achievements.

The shapes and hand-drawn notations add a sense of personal expression to the brand. Used in endless combinations, they represent our ‘forever in progress’ approach to life-long learning. There’s no right or wrong time to start an apprenticeship and reshape your career. Like our brand, we’re all forever in progress.

Traditionally, education brands have a uniform look and feel. Again, we subvert the expected. Standing out against a sea of blue, we’re refreshingly colourful. Reflecting our optimism for the future, our colours come together to symbolise the sheer range of possibilities on offer to our candidates and partners.

Even the colour names are inspired by our brand. From Ultraviolet to Deep Space and Aurora, we created expressive names that evoke the universe and the endless possibilities within it.

Our people are our super power. So, the new brand puts real apprentices at the front and centre of our storytelling and photography. We champion our coaches too – celebrating the impact they make and the meaningful relationships they forge with our apprentices.

We’re thrilled to be sharing our new brand with you and even more excited to begin putting it into action. We’re certain it will help us cut through the noise and achieve our mission of transforming the education and training landscape – creating a diverse group of future leaders.

"The Multiverse team is doing important work, shifting away from a singular definition of success in learning. We have been privileged to build a brand that we hope will play a small role in their future success." James Greenfield, KOTO Creative Director & Founder