We’re on a mission to build an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training – and this week we’re excited to announce that Tortoise Media are joining us on our journey.

As our newest partner, Tortoise Media will give our apprentice community access to world-class journalism, mentoring and thought-provoking events.

For those that don’t know, Tortoise Media launched in 2019 as a new type of news. Rather than chasing breaking news and bombastic headlines, Tortoise prides itself on delivering ‘Slow News’. Taking the time to see the bigger picture, they offer a revolutionary thoughtful approach to journalism and media.

Building a more diverse media

That’s not the only thing that sets them apart. Tortoise Media are also committed to building a new kind of journalism that’s open, equitable and accessible to all. Just as we know that diverse voices improve the workplace, they know that diverse voices will improve our media too. It’s a mission we can get behind.

Rather than just subscribe, Tortoise Media invites its members to be a part of their newsroom. Through its famous ThinkIns, members get to share their views and stories.

With free, 12-month membership for all our apprentices and alumni, our community will now join this newsroom. Combined with access to world-class Slow News, we hope it will help uncover fresh ideas and perspectives they can carry into the workplace and beyond.

A space for sharing stories

Through this new partnership, Tortoise Media will also run bespoke ThinkIn sessions for our apprentices. These sessions will give our community and the Tortoise team a space to learn from each other on the issues that really matter. It’s an opportunity for Multiverse apprentices to make their voices heard. And we can’t wait to get started.

Euan Blair, founder and CEO of Multiverse, said: "Tortoise Media is one of the most exciting new media companies right now, delivering thoughtful and considered news. We share a common mission to spread opportunities, whether it's through opening up access to the newsroom or creating an outstanding alternative to university. Alongside the new apprenticeships we've created, this partnership will give our community of over 3000 apprentices access to challenging, entertaining ideas through Tortoise's world-class events and journalism."

Katie Vanneck-Smith, co founder of Tortoise, said: “When we set up Tortoise Media in 2019 we wanted to give everyone a chance to be heard and play an active part in creating our journalism. We think the way Multiverse gives apprentices a lifetime love of learning and the skills to determine their own futures is fantastic. It chimes with everything we aim to do at Tortoise and we can't wait to see what our partnership yields.”  

The partnership shows a continued commitment to apprenticeships from Tortoise Media. Last year, the company started an apprenticeship academy of its own with Multiverse, training its staff in areas such as data and project management.

“Tortoise Media and Multiverse are both working to build an exciting, equitable future – whether it’s the future of education and work, or the future of the media. We’re so excited to be collaborating to bring world-class Slow News to our community, and bring new voices to the Tortoise newsroom.“