AJ Tracey, Mae Muller and Ivorian Doll will be performing at the Autumn edition of the Apprentice Nation live show. The gig will be streamed on Thursday October 7th 2021 with artists sharing exclusive insights into their career journeys, with career confidence-boosting tips and advice.

Apprentice Nation is a collaboration between Multiverse, RockCorps, BT and Lucozade. Together, we’re on a mission to energise and inspire young people to shape their futures. Through a combination of performances, interviews and skills training, the platform raises awareness of apprenticeships among young people – particularly those in historically underrepresented groups.

Providing accessible and gamified content, Apprentice Nation gives young people the chance to earn rewards while they learn, including Wembley tickets, tech gear, vouchers and even a video hangout with the artists.

Stepping confidently out of the pandemic

A recent study by ONS found young black workers have been hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic, with more than 40% unemployed – three times worse than white workers of the same age (2021). As we move forward, Apprentice Nation is supporting those hit hardest with opportunities and the confidence to unlock their potential. When asked, 75% of Apprentice Nation participants said they now had more confidence in themselves and their future.

I’m excited to have this opportunity to perform my latest tracks and share my story, especially at a time when there’s still so much uncertainty around. I didn’t always know what my path was, so I know it’s really important to keep highlighting the opportunities out there for those who might not know where to look; whatever your situation, you’ve got to keep putting your best foot forward - you can do what you want and be what you want. AJ Tracey, Apprentice Nation Artist

Placing apprenticeships centre stage

Through the power of music, Apprentice Nation has raised awareness of the incredible opportunities on offer to career starters. In a recent survey, the most popular career choice for under-18 participants was to take up an apprenticeship. Visibility will play a critical role in career support on the platform.

The best kind of experience is hands-on and apprenticeships offer that kind of opportunity. I’m looking forward to sharing my story and I hope to inspire young people and encourage them to believe they can go out and do anything they want. Mae Muller, Apprentice Nation Artist
"One of the biggest obstacles to an even greater uptake of apprenticeships right now is awareness. That's why we co-founded Apprentice Nation: through their outreach activity, they'll empower more young people to make great decisions about their future." Euan Blair, Founder & CEO, Multiverse

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