Each month, we celebrate the successes and achievements of one of the WhiteHat apprentices. Apprentices are nominated by their coach based off our apprentice values before a panel of judges select their winner.

We're delighted to announce that Iyanla Williams from Publicis has been awarded WhiteHat's Apprentice of the month in the values categories 'We are all owners, growth mindset and we are results driven.' Iyanla was nominated by her coach, George Milton Mason. Read below for some more of George's comments:

"Iyanla has taken ownership and responsibility of room bookings for her entire cohort. She has had a lot of requests recently from members of the leadership team at Publicis requesting she schedule another room so that they can hold meetings and she has continuously updated me and the sheet she created to ensure I could communicate changes to all parties".
"Iyanla has demonstrated a growth mindset consistently from the second month of her apprenticeship following repeat conversations about how she should challenge herself to think differently. She has gone from referring to herself as 'Just an apprentice' to being an extremely valuable point of contact within her team, responsible for updating process and coaching members of the team on processes that are absolutely fundamental to the success of her team. She challenges perceptions consistently in a professional way and makes me incredibly proud to be her coach with each interaction as she is able to separate how she may feel about certain tasks in an effort to continuously develop herself both personally and professionally. She is an asset and an inspiration and wholeheartedly deserves the title 'Apprentice of the Month.'"

See her acceptance video here: