Each month, we celebrate the successes and achievements of one of the WhiteHat apprentices. Apprentices are nominated by their coach based off our apprentice values before a panel of judges select their winner.

We're delighted to announce that Merredith Tisbury from Ambition School Leadership has been awarded WhiteHat's Apprentice of the month in the values categories 'We are all owners, growth mindset and we are results driven, good people win, upholding company values, integrity is paramount.' Merredith was nominated by her coach, Victoria Walsh. Read on for some of her comments:

"Merredith brings the joy factor into her role, she does everything with a smile on her face. She is so pleasant to work with and has glowing reviews from her colleagues. She takes ownership over tasks she is given and seeks additional opportunities to help the business, such as negotiating a deal with a train company in order to save the company a significant amount of money. Merredith has also pushed hard in order to improve the quality of her work. She asks for regular feedback from her coach and her colleagues and goes to experts in the areas she is working to improve. Merredith has one of the most incredible attitudes to work and developing herself. Her positivity shines through and she has shown adaptability through a time of big change within her organisation. Her team LOVE her!"

See her acceptance video here: