With so many apprenticeship qualifications and sectors out on the market we wanted to spotlight what some of our apprentices are doing, why they decided on that particular programmme and what this means for their future.

This week we have three lovely ladies who are sharing their experience completing their apprenticeship in Recruitment: Asheigh, Shanice and Jen.

Left to Right: Shanice, Jennifer and Ashleigh

What drew to you to recruitment?

Ash St Hill: I didn’t know what recruitment was originally, the hiring manager just kind of hit me with “what do you think about trying recruitment?” during the hiring process so I did a little research and figured it’s the kind of career that allows you to progress as fast as you want to and reap the rewards of the effort and commitment you put in!

Shanice Hicks-Coffey: One of the main reasons why I was initially drawn to recruitment was due to the candidate communication. Throughout my time in retail, before I started my apprenticeship, one of the main things I loved about my job was speaking to customers and helping them pick out the best shoes. The thought of speaking to candidates who were on the job search and actually helping them to start the first step in their career seemed so exciting! I have now been in recruitment for eight months, and I am absolutely loving it. I am able to speak to a wide range of candidates, interview them, and help them throughout the whole interview process with our client — it’s so fun!

2. What do you like about your BA course?

SHC: My coach, Rafael, is fantastic and I really enjoy working with him. He always is very helpful, and one of the main things I do enjoy about the course is that all the written work I do is related to my job! All my answers are related to my role as a Resourcing Consultant and I find it more interesting to speak about a topic which I actually do, as opposed to writing about something purely theoretical.

ASH: I am able to put the practical experience that I learn within my role into a qualification to support career prospects. I also LOVE Raf (Whitehat apprentice coach) he’s so supportive and adaptive to helping me ensure that I am working in the way that suits me best. For example, I prefer to communicate through speech as I feel that’s how I best express myself- therefore we adapted the coursework to be via voice recording tapes, which saved a great deal of time and helped me to produce my best work!

Jennifer Ciminiello: One thing I really enjoy doing in my role is going to meet candidates. I speak to so many different people over the phone on a daily basis and it’s always nice to be able to put a name to a face and allows me to understand the candidate a lot more in terms of what they are looking for in the next role and their experience. Another part I really enjoy is being able to go to meet clients — I have had the privilege to visit some leading brands head offices.

3. How has recruitment helped you with your confidence?

SHC: I have never really been a shy person, but when I first started I was absolutely petrified to get on the phone and speak to different candidates. This was mainly due to the fact that because I work for a graduate recruitment firm, all the people I would be speaking to would be graduates. However, this is now one of the best things about my role! I genuinely feel confident speaking to anyone of any age and even my friends and family have said that they can see a change in me, both in regards to my confidence and maturity. This is definitely down to the great training I have received here!

ASH: Working within recruitment has transformed me on a personal and professional level for the better, I have been able to greatly develop my communication skills working with both high profile clients and candidates that I genuinely want to help. It has enhanced my confidence as well as greatly developed my professional network, allowing me to really prepare for a career of longevity.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JC: Although I completed a Business administration level 3, I chose certain units which were recruitment and digital marketing related and that I could link to my role on a daily basis. This has enabled me to understand the market I am recruiting for a lot better and helped me to understand the world of recruitment.

SHC: I can honestly say that I cannot see myself anywhere else other than in recruitment. I am hoping to move up the progression ladder and take on further responsibilities. I would love to be involved in selling our company to other firms, along with managing a team of recruitment consultants and continuing to do my best to provide the best candidates for our clients.

ASH: I currently work within ecommerce, more specifically within social media- its an area that I love more and more as I continue to learn and work within this area. So in 5 years I most likely see myself either as a senior recruitment consultant, a social media manager or influencer. It’s such a fertile area with huge scope for growth.

5. What advice have you received, that you wish you’d known before you started?

ASH: It’s okay to make mistakes, that you aren’t expected to know it all, doing one thing at a time is the most efficient way to work, learning and progressing at a pace that feels both comfortable but pushes the boundaries to enhance growth.

SHC: One of my favourite things about this role is actually interviewing candidates. Even though I have only been doing this for one week, (as I have recently been promoted — yay!) it is great speaking to candidates face to face and getting to know more about their education and work experience. I mostly recruit for customer service and operations roles, so most of the candidates I speak to are extremely personable and super bubbly, which always puts me in a great mood during the interview! However, as a whole, the one thing that I really enjoy about my role is getting a recent graduate a job role. This is the first step in their career, and to think that I played a part in this is just great!

ASH: I LOVE going through the interview process with candidates and guiding/ advising very high profile clients, it really enables me to know the value that I add to my team. However my absolute favourite part of my role is finally placing a candidate within their dream job, being able to share that experience of such a life changing moment!

7. Why would you recommend someone else to start a career in recruitment through an apprenticeship?

ASH: First of all I think apprenticeships are fantastic — a great way to begin your career but remain within education which I highly recommend, given that I was originally struggling between the choice of starting out at university. With an apprenticeship I have been able to find myself free from the pressure. I have a wealth of intermediate ecommerce experience, I am surrounded by motivational mentors who are supportive as well as the educational support from Whitehat… Working within recruitment I feel closer to achieving my dreams than ever, I have met people from all backgrounds, presenting many opportunities for me to move forward within my career. I also have the ability to earn as much as I wish to which puts me in a great position to continue.

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