Multiverse is partnering with Amazon on a new fund that will enable small businesses operating on Amazon to access fully-funded training for their staff.

The fund will enable businesses that sell on Amazon to place their staff on apprenticeships in 21st skills that support business growth - such as Digital Marketing.

Louise Keyzor works at Delicious Designs, a small business with three employees that trades on Amazon.

She enrolled on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, with training costs fully borne by Amazon. Training is delivered by Multiverse.

“I have two small children and lots of my time is spent looking after them. I wanted to do something that was new and different and I knew the apprenticeship would be a great opportunity for myself and the business.

“It is giving me the chance to develop my confidence to develop and achieve. From the business perspective, digital marketing is key to what we are doing. As a company of only 3 having launched in 2008, we have done very little marketing and didn't really know where to start. This apprenticeship is going to give us the skills we can use as a springboard to get to the next level using marketing.

“Already I have been able to apply what I have learnt to my job. I have been setting up social media and using my understanding of the digital marketing perspective and language to understand what we should be focusing on as a business and where we should start, which is with the new product line we have recently launched. I have also been able to share my learnings with my team, so they too are feeling the benefits of the programme.”

“We don't currently have a website, but I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the coding and Google analytics parts of the programme, so I can begin to build our website.”

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