Right now, many businesses are facing a significant threat: there’s a mountain of competition for diverse talent with the right digital skills.

Solving big problems requires radical solutions - and we believe the solution lies in fundamentally disrupting the way that companies develop new talent.

We’re throwing out the misguided idea that a traditional degree is a proxy for talent or preparation for work, and instead equipping organizations with talented new recruits who have the skills to transform their organizations.

We’re launching the Digital Business Accelerator, a new program designed for early career professionals without a degree as they enter the workforce.

Through it, we are radically overhauling what it means to begin a career - equipping people with the data skills that every employee needs no matter what part of an organization they work in.

Equipping the next generation of data-driven business leaders

Businesses are facing a shortage of data skills that is costing them 8.5% of their revenues. The Digital Business Accelerator is a radical update to our flagship generalist career starter program, that recognizes that data and digital skills will be essential to every business in the modern world.

During the 13-month program, apprentices will develop the core skills fundamental for the business world, from self leadership to problem solving and communication. On top of that, they’ll develop the data manipulation and analysis skills, using tools like Excel and PowerBI to become confident using data to inform their work.

Apprentices will be confident in business basics for the digital world, and ready to start using new digital and data skills after just 3 months on the program.

Our Digital Business Accelerator program really puts data and digital skills at the heart of the curriculum: because we know they are going to be the core skills that professionals need in the 21st century.

Apprentices will benefit from our world-class applied learning approach. England’s education inspector, Ofsted, recently awarded us a rating of ‘outstanding’ - their top available mark. Just 13% of providers get this top score.

Get ahead in the ‘war for talent’

With a squeeze on talent, it is time for organizations to look beyond traditional sources. The fact is that there are lots of talented young professionals out there, and the businesses that thrive into the next decade and beyond will be the ones who find them. That means looking beyond academic achievement and creating new, equitable routes to a  career.

There is no correlation between academic outcomes and job performance: organizations need to look beyond just hiring graduates. This will enable them to not just reach more people, but to reach a more diverse candidate pool that have potential but haven't had the same opportunities.

53% of apprentices placed in their roles by Multiverse are people of color and 36% are from under-resourced communities.

Increasing representation in business isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s shown to improve results: with higher productivity and revenues at the most diverse companies.

Our apprenticeship programs are also proven to reduce employee attrition. 87% of Multiverse apprentices stay in their role long term, twice as long as the average graduate scheme participant.

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This transformation of our flagship generalist career starter program is a vital step on our mission to give young professionals from all backgrounds access to the best careers. And it will be key to fundamentally shifting the way businesses develop early talent - building a route that prioritizes diversity and skills. Companies like Fujitsu, Unilever, Christie’s, Morgan Stanley and Dentsu have started delivering this new program and training apprentices at the start of their careers.

Multiverse founder and CEO, Euan Blair, said: “We are in the midst of a data skills crisis. This investment into our flagship career starter program sets out to fundamentally disrupt the way that companies develop new talent. The Digital Business Accelerator prioritizes the vital skills that young professionals need to thrive in the workplace. Not just skills like communication and problem-solving, but cutting-edge competencies in data and digital.

"This is an important step in our mission to build a diverse group of future leaders and give young people from all backgrounds the best possible start to their career, and is the only apprenticeship program of its kind currently available."

If you’re interested in learning more about the Digital Business Accelerator, join us on November 17th to hear how digital apprenticeships are helping dentsu build critical skills and improve retention and diversity - all while delighting their customers and improving internal collaboration.