At WhiteHat, we deliver a variety of apprenticeship qualifications, one of these being — yes, you guessed it — Digital Marketing. When we start using words like “SEO”, “KPI” and “cost per impression” it leaves some of our candidates in a state of confusion. With all the fast changes happening in Digital Marketing, we understand that not everybody has come to terms… with the terms. 

We have included answers and guidelines to a few Digital Marketing keywords and, essentially, what the apprenticeship will cover. In this presentation, we discuss how companies are introducing email marketing and social networks to market to the consumer and gain traffic to their content and or product.

Learn about the best practice to sustain and build good, interactive relationship with customers through the magic of Digital Marketing.

Sounds interesting? If you decided that a Digital Marketing apprenticeship is what you most want to do, contact us to look at all available roles in this field. Good luck!