We kicked off February with our new cohort of digital marketing apprentices taking part in a week-long General Assembly training bootcamp. It was an opportunity for our new apprentices to meet each other and begin to build on the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Our apprentices were treated to the full bootcamp experience, and their final task was a 20–30 minute presentation incorporating what they had learnt throughout the week. Read on to find out about what they achieved…

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Marina Sabin, Digital Marketing Apprentice at The Unlimited Group

Last week I was sent on a Digital Marketing ‘Bootcamp’ with General Assembly as part of my Apprenticeship training programme. When I first heard about the bootcamp I wasn’t too sure what to expect, especially as this was WhiteHat’s first Digital Marketing bootcamp — so thankfully it was a new experience for us all!

Leading up to the bootcamp we were asked to complete various ‘pre-work’ assignments such as creating a business page on Facebook and creating a Google AdWords account which gave me a bit of insight into what the week would entail. I became more excited to meet other Digital Marketing Apprentices, working together, combining our knowledge and skills to create innovative projects.


On the first day we were introduced to our tutors: Aiden Carroll and Ludo De Angelis, who split us into four groups of three for the entire week and from there each team had to agree on a company or product that they would research and create a marketing plan for.

Each day we covered different areas of digital marketing, including various activities that we took part in to show our understanding of each subject. On the first day we covered business and customer strategy, customer journeys and channels. On the second day we researched data-driven marketing, social media, paid social and content strategy. On the third day we learnt SEO, Paid Search, Customer Relationship Management, storytelling and email marketing. On the fourth day we covered Mobile Marketing, Campaign Planning, Measurement and Google Analytics, as well as Data, Security, Laws and Regulations.

On the final day we had to present our final projects within our groups. Our presentations included elements of each topic we had covered over the past week, tailoring it to our chosen product, company or service. We were individually marked on our understanding and confidence in each area.

The Bootcamp was a really fun experience for me and definitely helped to prepare me for my Apprenticeship role. I also made some lovely friends too, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this training course. I would definitely recommend it for future candidates.

Marina at The Unlimited Group

Robert Ukandu, Digital Marketing apprentice at Warner Bros.

The bootcamp taught me a lot more than I could have ever imagined leaving the course with. I was not only able to walk away with an understanding of digital marketing on a professional level, but I was also given the opportunity to apply this new knowledge into an actual campaign, in the form of a presentation. In groups, we created a re-marketing campaign for Deliveroo. It brought great satisfaction to myself and peers to know that what we had gathered in the week spent at General Assembly, had been greatly beneficial to us and this reflected greatly on our mentors Aiden and Ludo.

Each day we had different modules to soak in, all highly detailed —and although most were tricky, we had daily exercises to help us along the way, which in turn gave us a head start on our final project presentations. Some of what we learned consisted of Paid and Organic Search, Analytics, campaign planning and data-driven marketing. The challenge was: how were we as marketers going to approach management within a business, sell our pitch and obtain a substantial budget, and how would we incorporate our different strategies to match.

Robert at Warner Bros.
The WhiteHat apprentices at General Assembly