DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) and Multiverse today announced the launch of a new Data Academy, an apprenticeship programme that provides diverse talent an opportunity to boost their data and analytical skills.

Data Academy Fellows will master data wrangling and analysis techniques, upgrade their skills in data science and gain an introduction to machine learning. Training is provided by Multiverse, an organization that provides high-quality education and training through a unique corporate apprenticeship model. The first cohort from DXC is comprised of 10 apprentices.

“From customer interactions in our London Innovation Centre, we saw that 28 percent were focused on analytics and data science” said Sukhi Gill, Vice President and CTO for DXC EMEA. Sukhi continues: “Data and analytics are integral to our Enterprise Technology Stack, and these skills and capabilities are required across the breadth of solutions and services that we deliver to our customers. The launch of our Data Academy, in collaboration with Multiverse, will enable us to inspire and support technologist colleagues from a diverse range of backgrounds.”

Research by the UK Government has found that almost a quarter of employees use advanced data skills in their work, yet a shortage of skills in this area is estimated to cost UK businesses £2bn a year.

Euan Blair, Founder and CEO of Multiverse, said: “Apprenticeships are the most powerful way of creating a route to the boardroom for a diverse group of professionals. DXC Technology have recognised that dynamic, and through their Data Academy they are equipping a broader range of talented individuals with technical skills across the business and at every level.”

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