As a leading provider of market insight and market access to the global technology industry, Informa Tech is investing in colleagues’ digital and data skills at all levels. Informa Tech has chosen to partner with Multiverse to enable colleagues to reach their full potential as they derive meaningful information from rich datasets.

“The programme is a fantastic addition to the rich programme available at Informa Tech for colleagues interested in how data insight can transform how they work”
Ruth Overs, Chief People and Talent Officer at Informa Tech.

After just five months, 80% of apprentices are regularly using new skills to contribute to business goals. The company has improved efficiency on data projects by 12% and new data skills have enabled apprentices to identify better ways to support customers.

Now the company will expand the programme to the US and other areas of the business.

Data skills key to rapid digitisation

With rapid digitisation across the business, development of new products and platforms, and growing market demand for its services, data and digital skills are key to Informa Tech’s strategy.

The company already has many data experts, and apprenticeships form a key pillar of its strategy to create the next generation of data leaders.

Apprentices will be enrolled on programmes delivered by EdTech start-up, Multiverse, with different programmes depending on their role.

The Data Fellowship is an 18-month programme delivering best-in-class training in data analysis. Data champions will master data wrangling and analysis techniques. The programme also covers data science, including Python and an introduction to machine learning.

Other apprentices will be enrolled on the Data Literacy programme, a 13-month programme that will build apprentices’ confidence in obtaining and analysing data – and transforming it into cohesive, actionable insights.

Growing demand for data skills

Demand for data skills is growing exponentially. Research by the UK Government has found that almost a quarter of employees use data skills in their work, yet a shortage of skills in this area is estimated to cost UK businesses £2bn a year.  In 2019, one in 10 job vacancies required data expertise, while over 100,000 data positions remain unfilled.

Ruth Ovens, Chief People and Talent Officer at Informa Tech, said: "Our partnership with Multiverse, providing our people with an extensive and thorough programme to grow and develop their skills, is one of the ways we are committed to helping colleagues grow professionally and build their careers at Informa Tech. It’s not only helping us to develop our talented and engaged colleagues but also has a direct impact on our business – our products, services, efficiency and how we support our clients and customers"

Training will be delivered by Multiverse, a startup tech company building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training through apprenticeships. The company announced the closing of a $130 million Series C funding round earlier this year and now trains over 5,000 tech, leadership and digital apprentices.

Milena Cooper, Senior Director of Content Operations, and an apprentice on the programme, said: “It has been great to see my team grow further confidence in this area to explore new tools. I am really enjoying applying my more advanced skills in data analysis to the projects in hand.”

“Every company will become a tech company”

Multiverse matches talented individuals with careers and delivers world-class training in a wide range of qualifications in leadership, digital and technology. Apprentices benefit from one-to-one coaching with an industry expert and are supported by a thriving community with events, socials, mentoring and leadership programmes designed to exceed the best of the university experience.

Multiverse president, Jeremy Duggan, said: “In the next decade, every company will become a tech company. To be successful, companies need to ensure their people have the right skills in data and digital to continue to thrive. Through apprenticeships, Informa Tech is putting advanced skills at the heart of its digital strategy - and supporting its staff with world-class training to become the leaders of the future.

"Apprentices benefit from one-to-one coaching with an industry expert and are supported by a thriving community with events, socials, mentoring and leadership programmes designed to exceed the best of the university experience."

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