Since our launch, over 3,000 apprentices have joined the Multiverse community and benefitted from our unique approach to learning.

Four years on, a trend is emerging. More and more businesses are taking on apprentices in data. Helping address this critical skills gap, our data programmes are creating incredible opportunities for young adults at the start of their careers and those looking to retrain.

Data demand outstrips skills supply

Demand for data skills is growing exponentially. In 2019, one in 10 job vacancies required data expertise, while over 100,000 data positions remain unfilled.

Despite this clamour for data skills and the clear benefits they bring to businesses, most people still shiver at the prospect of handling large amounts of data.

According to research by Accenture, 74% of us reported feeling overwhelmed when working with data. This lack of confidence and skills costs UK businesses a staggering £10 billion a year in lost productivity.

Unleashing new data leaders  

To tackle this enormous challenge, we’ve launched our very first degree-level apprenticeship in partnership with New College of the Humanities (NCH).

The Advanced Data Fellowship will empower apprentices to develop their skills in data analysis and data science, while adding value to their businesses. Apprentices will also build core capabilities in areas like statistical testing, data ethics, predictive modelling and data security.

Those who complete the Advanced Data Fellowship will receive a BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analytics) degree, awarded by NCH. They’ll also receive Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Apprenticeship qualification. Through constantly refined content, deep application and world-class coaching, we’re creating a new cohort of data leaders.

Data careers for all

We believe these well-paid data opportunities should be open to everyone – regardless of their socioeconomic or ethnic background. As we know, this isn’t always the case. Just 4% of those claiming free school meals in year 11 make it to a Russell Group university, while only 57% of those hired onto grad schemes went to a state school.

So we do things differently. 52% of apprentices placed by Multiverse come from underrepresented ethnic minority backgrounds, and 53% are women. For the first time, these Multiverse apprentices can gain a qualification from a globally recognised university, while benefiting from world-class teaching and our Applied Learning model.

Learning is a lifelong journey

We’re excited to train apprentices in ever deeper, more complex subject areas. Building on advanced skills, the Fellowship is true to our mission of supporting people throughout their careers.

This commitment to lasting professional relationships is shared by our apprentices. Those hired by Multiverse are three times more likely to stay in their role or get promoted than their graduate equivalents.

Through our new advanced apprenticeship, vibrant community and full calendar of events, we’re setting up a diverse cohort of future leaders with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

Here’s Euan Blair, co-founder and CEO of Multiverse: “Our mission to create a diverse group of future leaders means we're aware that learning isn’t just something that happens at the start of your career, it has to be lifelong; so introducing a degree level apprenticeship in data is an important step forward in delivering on this objective.

“The data profession is one of the fastest growing in the world, and for many companies their ability to grow is contingent on having the right data skills. In partnership with NCH, this unique programme combines cutting edge data skills with intensive coaching and high-impact, innovative learning. This work will also provide the ideal template for a new generation of data leaders to follow.”

Professor Scott Wildman, Assistant Vice President of Digital Innovation and Enterprise at NCH, part of the Northeastern University Global Network, said: "We are proud to be working innovatively and collaboratively to deliver much-needed degree level skills, helping even more people reach their full potential. Degree apprenticeships offer fantastic opportunities, not just for those starting out in the workplace, but also for those wishing to change direction."

Ian Dodds, a Data Manager at Capita, is among the first apprentices on the programme. He summed it up: “The Advanced Data Fellowship is an exciting opportunity to develop a broad range of analytical models and approaches to extract new insights from our data. The programme also will support my long-term goal, to become a fully qualified Data Scientist. I am particularly interested in developing skills in SQL/Python/R, all of which are included within the programme.”