This week we launched our application process for the Google Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, where 12–20 apprentices will have the opportunity to kickstart their career with one of the world’s best-known companies. So we thought, why not take some inspiration from our very own Digital Marketing Graduate-Apprentice here at WhiteHat?

Nancy has now completed her qualification, but her journey to choosing an apprenticeship highlights experiences that school leavers might be facing right now, so we’re re-sharing today. Read on to find out why a Digital Marketing apprenticeship could be the best route for you.

Apply for the Google 18-month Digital Marketing Apprenticeship here:

Let me start off with an introduction: Hello, I’m Nancy, I am 22 years old and now 11 months into my 18 month, Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with WhiteHat.

I feel that my journey so far has been a success. I set out to learn how modern Marketing strategies have changed and how I can grow in a team, contributing to attracting new customers — or audience — and thinking of innovative ideas to make WhiteHat stand out with our brand and content. Every day that goes by, I am being challenged to keep ideas flowing, to attract wider audiences to our website and to figure out how I can portray the fun/exciting working environment at WhiteHat in our newsletters, blog posts and event booths.

I started looking into an Apprenticeship once I decided that I was not ready to face the University tuition and maintenance loans. Now I can say that the higher-level apprenticeship opportunity has been the answer to everything that I have wanted, in beginning my career.

Where would I have been without my Apprenticeship?

As I have always enjoyed being a multitasker, in the past I have taken on freelance and zero-hour jobs- everything from being a driver and road photographer for Tom-Tom, to invigilating university exams. While doing those jobs, I would think to myself, “is there anything more I can be doing to challenge and engage my brain? Minus the £9000 tuition fee, of course”. As somebody who loves online merchandising, statistics and researching, how can I get into the field of marketing and e-commerce? My saving grace — an Apprenticeship.

My first two months as an apprentice

After studying only Science at A Level, I knew the work load and revision that I could handle, but they did not prepare me for the work load that a Digital Marketing qualification course would involve. Right after I started, I had to do 6 or more pages of coursework per Unit, and within each mandatory unit the outcomes required.

My first day at WhiteHat!

Alongside getting used to my career change, I was meeting different members of the team and learning more about their role. I was aware that an apprenticeship program involves the learner putting everything that they have learned or are continuing to learn into their coursework, or recording them as evidence to support the optional Units that they chose.

How do I rate apprentices overall?

I know other school leavers and non-graduates who have taken on an Apprenticeship and have had a complete personality and attitude make-over! It’s almost near impossible for me to notice the difference between a graduate member of staff and an apprentice when I am speaking on the phone or visiting them at their place of employment. When I think of an apprentice, I think of an individual who has looked at their options, maybe has the means to go into University, or full-time employment, but opted to continue their education and career simultaneously. It’s rewarding and beneficial, because right now I have my foot in the door of my chosen career and, once I finish my qualification, I will have a recognised Diploma and quality level of skills experience and development. And let’s not forget no loans to pay off.

Working in a professional environment where I am in contact with employers and young people has given me a better view and understanding of how to appeal to the variety of audiences/clients. So, in a couple of years, I will be completing my Degree Apprenticeship while working full time, making use of the education and team who will be at my disposition.