This week is National Apprenticeship Week: an annual celebration of apprenticeships across England.

It’s a chance to showcase the amazing opportunities that are available to you through professional apprenticeships, and learn more about the apprentice experience.

All week, we have an amazing line-up of events and content to share with you - and even a TikTok challenge for you to get involved in.

What to look out for during NAW2022

Throughout the week, there’s loads of ways you can get involved with Multiverse and apprenticeships.

If you’re a school leaver interested in learning more about Multiverse, why not join one of our events?

Monday 7th, 6pm: Virtual Apprentice Event with Meta

Thursday 10th, 6pm: Demystifying Apprenticeships with Apprentice Nation

Friday 11th, 5pm: Multiverse Virtual Open Day

Saturday 12th, all day: Apprentice Nation SkillsFest (Birmingham)

We’re also answering your questions and going live on Instagram and TikTok - so be sure to give us a follow.

Plus, we’ll be sharing stories from our apprentice community throughout this week. Find out more about our apprentices Jaskaran and Jon in BBC Bitesize.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an exciting way to work and study at the same time: learn new skills while you earn a salary. And, you’ll get a qualification at the end of it.

Over a period of around 15-19 months, apprentices work a full-time 9-5 at a company – on a competitive salary. While they’re there, they spend 20% of their time studying skills and content directly relevant to their role.

The entire apprenticeship experience is free for the candidate - so there are no tuition fees to pay. Better yet, you earn while you learn.

Upon completion, you finish up with an apprenticeship qualification. This ranges from a Level 3 (equivalent to two A-Levels) to Level 4 – the same as a foundation degree.

Here’s our CEO, Euan Blair: "Apprenticeships are a rapidly growing route to get paid, earn a valuable qualification, and get a jump start on a great career - they’re growing particularly fast in digital and tech roles.

"Many of the world's best employers no longer require degrees at all and that people are increasingly getting wise to the full range of opportunities to develop skills and access careers can only be a good thing.

"For employers apprenticeships are the best and most direct way to get access to highly talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds, trained in the skills they need."

Are apprenticeships seen as valuable

This week, we’re excited to share results of our first polling into how apprenticeships are perceived by the UK population.

You can read more of the findings of our survey in the i newspaper.

We found that two fifths (41%) think that an apprenticeship is better for preparing young people for work, compared to 17% who say a degree is better preparation.

In fact, 67% would consider an apprenticeship over going to university if they were a young person today.

This is great news - and shows how apprenticeships are becoming a more and more popular route into the best jobs.

How do you apply for an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are just like jobs. So you can apply for one when a company makes a vacancy available.

Applying for apprenticeships is like applying for a job. We’ll help you do this through our portal, but it’s a good idea to have a bit of interview practice and some relevant work experience or an interest in the area of work you’re applying for. We'll help you build an online profile that showcases your skills and potential.

We’ve made applying for apprenticeships as simple as possible. And we’re with you every step of the way. To get started, sign up to our application portal here. We’ll check you’re eligible for our programmes, keep you up to date with any relevant vacancies, and support you with your application.

There are some great jobs already up for grabs. At Multiverse, we work with companies like Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes-Benz, the NHS and many more across England. By applying with us, you’re sure to find an incredible opportunity to kickstart your career.

How do I develop the right skills and experience to do an apprenticeship?

If you’re looking to gain skills and experience, we suggest checking out Apprentice Nation. This career development platform provides work and life skills training, inspiration, mentoring, and exciting cv-building opportunities with the help of artists like Tinie (Tempah), RAYE, and Young T & Bugsey. By taking part, you’re also gaining access to exclusive music events and amazing rewards like a Samsung smartphone - and it’s all totally free.

If you’re interested in our software engineering progamme, check out our Tech Talent Accelerator.

The Tech Talent Accelerator is a six-week programme, where you can gain technical skills such as coding, full stack development, and web development utilising languages and frameworks such as Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

The bootcamp is completely free for eligible participants who are 18-24 years old and do not have a university degree.

What grades do I need to do an apprenticeship?

It all depends on what programme you go for. That said, for all Multiverse apprenticeships, you’ll need at least a grade of 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English. Some may also have additional requirements, such as an A-Level.

The best way to find out more – and discover the apprenticeship for you – is to apply on our platform. We’ll then get in touch and talk you through your options.

What do apprentices say?

Keratuwe, 22 - Software Engineering at Westminster City Council

I prefer the apprenticeship because it offers a different study method, instead of traditional schooling. Learning through an apprenticeship is not just constrained to just submitting an assignment and getting it marked. A lot more of it is on the job training. Learning how to programme, create applications, testing - but in the context in the workplace where you know that whatever you’re making is going to impact a broader community.

Read more of Keratuwe's story

Ellie Manthorp, 19 - Business Administration at Brewin Dolphin

Having my coach always there is my favourite thing about the Multiverse approach. I can ask her questions that are related to things happening at work - even if they’re not about what we’re studying that day. If I need an external opinion, I have that support system. My coach pushes me and she wants me to do well - she really does care.”

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