Next up in our Results Day countdown series: words of advice from our three brilliant Business Admin apprentices Syeda, Aliyah and Caxie — they’ve been through it before, so take it from them! Try to stay calm so that you can be in the right headspace to make decisions this Thursday.

Remember — hundreds of thousands of other young people are going through the same process as you. There are so many different pathways to success


As you are probably waiting for your results, this is the advice I can offer you. Have a good think about what you want to actually do as a career. If you don’t know what to do then maybe university wouldn’t be a strong option. Degrees are usually tailored to very specific industries which may not give many options for career paths afterwards. Whereas getting started in the workplace can help you figure out what you like doing and what your strengths are. Even if you are not sure what industry you want to work in, starting in any industry can help you pick up transferrable skills and engaging with others can help you gain ideas on what roles or industries would be suited to you. I say this because the apprenticeship is just the beginning, not the final destination. But it’s a brilliant time to experiment and grow.


The advice I would give to anyone waiting for their results would be to stay active, don’t isolate yourself! Meditation is a huge help in keeping calm and focused. Keep a positive, but realistic mindset. Whether your results are good or bad, you still may change your mind about what you want to do and what path you want to take. There is always another option. There are grown adults who still don’t know what they want to do with their lives. And feel proud that you have been able to complete school or college till the end.


Just know that you’ll be okay.

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