The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have launched a new partnership with Multiverse as part of their mission to embed digital and data skills across the organisation.

The aviation industry is going through a process of rapid change, where the winners will be those organisations most able to use data and undergo digital transformation. Having the right skills will be existential and the new partnership represents a significant investment by the CAA in its workforce.

Multiverse will be responsible for training a cohort of employees from all levels within the CAA in data analytics. The first cohort of CAA Data Fellows, now underway, will undertake an 18 month programme to learn data analytics, data science and machine learning.

Kelly Kyle, Emerging Talent Lead at the CAA, said:

‘We passionately believe in maintaining and developing excellence in our colleagues, as they are the very source of the CAA’s reputation and success. With the potential for economically trying times ahead, we are excited and enthused to be able to invest in the excellent talent that we have worked hard to find, and give them the chance to use new skills to uncover innovations and efficiencies for both the CAA and the industry we regulate’

The process began in March this year with a “CAA People in Data Summit” during which invited a range of CAA staff to come together in order to open up the dialogue about important challenges and people development opportunities as they relate to data.

Euan Blair, CEO and Co-founder of Multiverse, said:

‘This pioneering programme is raising the bar when it comes to increasing digital and data skills across crucial, large organisations. The enthusiasm from the Data Fellows has been phenomenal - it’s an investment in their careers and the CAA’s future. We’re really proud to be working to deliver it.’

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