WhiteHat and Generation’s much anticipated Tech Talent Accelerator has launched in an optimised, fully virtual format despite the challenges posed by Covid-19.

The programme, which featured in the Evening Standard earlier this year, is more important now than ever before; recent research by University of Cambridge suggests young workers and those on lower incomes will be the hardest hit by the economic impact of the Covid-19. Research by Impetus also shows that being NEET (not in education, employment or training) as a  young person in the UK for long periods of time has significant consequences on employment prospects and health for decades to come. Unfortunately, many young people who are NEET will find themselves in this situation for the long-term.

In the face of the current crisis the world has become more digital than ever, with many companies’ digital transformations brought forward or a new spotlight shone on their technical capability in response to staying connected, productive and profitable. This creates new opportunities for the next generation of young, diverse software engineers to join the workforce.

Covid-19 is expected to hit those from disadvantaged backgrounds hardest, making the Tech Talent Accelerator programme more important than ever.

The Tech Talent Accelerator is for young Londoners who are NEET and facing barriers to employment but who have also demonstrated a passion for tech and a real aptitude for coding through a rigorous application process. This process included taster days, technical assessments and interviews. In total there were 321 applications for the 25 places on the programme, so the successful participants are truly remarkable. The curriculum is bespoke in its design, created by the expert team at Generation who shadowed current WhiteHat Software Engineering apprentices thriving in their roles at Starling Bank, Investec and Sky, in addition to contributions from our world-class coaching team at WhiteHat. The programme was funded by Blackrock, whose support allowed the vision to be fully realised.

Towards the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to interview at WhiteHat’s employers for higher level apprenticeships in Software Engineering. If you would like to interview one of the programme’s high potential grads or generally discuss developing a diverse tech talent pipeline for your organisation, please email: info@whitehat.org.uk