Why is fashion so important in the business world?

When you walk into your job interview, it is likely that you have already given a first impression before you can even say a word. This is usually due to the way that you present yourself with your clothing.

To avoid getting it wrong before you walk through the door, WhiteHat’s own fashion guru, Ellie Leeks, is here to help you choose your future business outfits and show you the best places for you to shop so you don’t break the bank!

When you are deciding what to wear for an interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look presentable and professional. Even though your business attire depends on the job you are applying for, no matter what the position, you should arrive looking sharp!

This is your prime opportunity to get a feel for the company and to find out whether the employees dress to impress or whether they prefer the smart-casual look. Furthermore, if you are accepted into the role, you won’t have to start your first day worrying whether you are going to stand out from the crowd.

“Tip: Along with the rest of your research on the company, make sure that you go to their website/social media to get more insight into the staff and environment. This will help you feel at ease and calm.”

For women, here is some inspiration on what outfits would be great for an interview:

1. A simple look with a classic pair of black trousers, which you could pair with either a blouse, jumper or oversized shirt.

2. The safest outfit of all, the simple black dress! You can accessorise this with a kimono or a tailored jacket. Jewellery and a belt would also compliment this outfit well but, remember, less is more.

3. Lastly, a neutral skirt with either a blouse, jumper or a shirt and jacket will help you achieve a more sophisticated look.

And for the men looking for some inspiration, here is some ideas for you:

1. The original Suit & Tie outfit is the safest and smartest of them all. Make sure you finish the look by wearing a shiny pair of shoes.

2. An alternative look can be a shirt, smart trousers and shoes to give off more of a relaxed look.

3. Finally, try a shirt with a jumper and suit trousers for a comfortable and smart style.

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